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First Prize - Buildings & Cities Video Challenge

· One min read
Federico Tartarini

I am extremely proud to announce that I was awarded the "outstanding video" (first prize) in the 2023 Video Challenge from the journal Buildings & Cities.

The video describes the "HeatWatch" application that I am co-developing at Heat and Health Research Incubator with Ollie Jay. My video addresses one of the grand challenges the world is currently facing: "Building Resilience to heatwaves and extreme heat".

You can watch my 2-min video on the Buildings & Cities website.

certificate of the award

The videos were selected by a diverse group of 5 judges. Thank you all for watching my video and for giving an extremely positive rating to my video.

The HeatWatch is a web application that people in the community can use to calculate their personalised heat health risk. The application is free to use, you can access it via this link. You can read more about the HeatWatch in this blog post.