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I am an Engineer by training. My research focuses on determining and quantifying the effect that the environment has on thermal comfort, productivity, health, and well-being. My main research areas include human thermal comfort, indoor environmental quality, heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, cognitive performance, thermophysiological modelling, and the development of non-intrusive methodologies to monitor IEQ parameters. My research outcomes are mainly based on original research conducted both in the laboratory and in field studies. The aim of my research is to develop occupant-centric solutions and tools to improve the performance of existing and new buildings.

I am the main author of several free and open-source tools:

I am a voting member of the ASHRAE 55 Standard committee.

I received my PhD in 2017 from the University of Wollongong during which I focused on determining the impact of Indoor Environmental Quality on perceptions of occupants (staff and residents) and agitated behaviours of residents at aged care facilities.